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As a company grows, it start to generate a lot of data. Unfortunately, as data grows larger, it becomes very difficult for companies to maintain. In most cases, the data is replicated to multiple locations and systems for offline analytics, merging with other systems, audit purposes, and so on. As data gets further from the originating source, it tends to be modify and/or extended. Depending on which replicated location is used to access the data, users may get very different results. This leads to many problems: products incorrectly manufactured/stored/shipped, processes following obsolete or conflicting policies, an overall lack of trust in the data and many other unwanted results.

That is where Master Data Management(MDM) comes in. The purpose of MDM is to provide a single location (the "golden record" or "single source of the truth") that all applications and users can reference for making sure data is accurate and consistent. Instead of modifying the same data in multiple locations, users are expected to make changes to their data only in the MDM system, called the "Master Data". If changes need to propagate out to other systems, it will be done through automation, but that replicated data is still expected to not be modified. If it does need to be modified, users are required to go back and modify it in the MDM system so that it remains consistent and accurate across the company.

At Symbient, our goal is to augment human workers by combining the intelligence of man with the power of machine. But in order to augment human workers, we feel it is necessary to first augment the workplace itself. To that end, our customers begin by cataloging every asset in a given workplace, including facilities, machines, sensors, and even the workers themselves. By having a single/primary record of all assets, companies can better leverage advanced technologies such as those developed for Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

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